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After many years working at reputable advertising agencies in Canada and France and the birth of her first daughter Emma, our Founder ​​Eva decided to live her dream of entrepreneurship.


She left the world of advertising, and on November 10, 2010, she launched Nail Addict Neuilly. A traditional beauty institute with expertise in the beauty of hands and feet. You can see it here.


After 13 years, and 3 children, she felt a new challenge was needed. Why not her own brand of semi-permanent varnish and all the tools related to manicures, but this time at home?


The Emma Jones Paris Home Kit is born…



The Travel Kit was  the fist DIY product she developed. Inspired by her clients' need to remove their gel polish while on vacation. Not knowing where to go in the cities she was in, she prepared a “survival kit for nails”. This would tide her over until her next salon visit.


Covid changed pretty much everything in the way we do things today… Her case was deteriorating (along with many others), gray hair was starting to appear, and gel polish nails had to be addressed.


Wether you love doing your nails at a salon or don't have the budget to go every week, having the necessary tools to do-it-yourself (DIY) is always a game changer.


After many years of trying and selecting the best products for her salon clients. Eva presents, Emma Jones Paris and the essential DIY kits. Hope you like what she's created for you.

Our starter kit isn't exactly a steal, that is until you start considering the cost of multiple gel manicures.

Once you get a hang of applying gel at home, the convenience and ease of use will leave wondering why you didn't start sooner

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